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Aruu Falls, Fort Patiko, Idi Amin ruins and King George’s WWII hideout

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Imagine traveling to Africa, to a small village recovering form over 20 years of war caused by the now famous rebel leader Jospeh Kony (of the Kony 2012 fame), only to find a little-know waterfall called the Aruu Falls, you then traverse its seasonal rivers, and low and behold, hidden in Lututuru hills you discover dilapidated remains of the state lodge that the former (infamous) president Idi Amin built in 1975. The hill also has a place in history as a “rest camp” for the British during the Second World War in 1945. And you soon realize that you are standing at the same spot where the United Kingdom’s King George the IV was hidden during World War II when the Germans (Hitler) were almost taking over Britain.

Oh and while you are at it, you are told, that these same hills were used by the rebels to crossover to South Sudan and there is another cave on the other side of the border where the Queen of England was hidden for fear of being captured by Hitlers men from Tanzania.

Now if only all of this was true? But you have to come and find out for your self.

Because of the decades long war, the course has not yet been chartered – its only now after the return of peace that this information is coming out. So if you want a true adventure in the middle of nowhere with such audacious stories – then sign up for this tour with your friends.

Oh did I mention that at the top of these mountain ranges (that look like some scene from Colorado), you can see almost every living thing below hours before they notice that you have noticed them (it was for this strategic reason – that you could see your enemy in advance, that the British chose this area to hide their royalty) and incredibly, the government decide to build there a prison where the prisoners are free to roam around and even plant their own food (yes, just like in Papillon), since, if they tried to escape, they would have to worry about the wild animals in the surrounding jungle.

Of course this is after you have gone past Fort Patiko . . . and Aruu falls. I forgot to tell you that, here, if you are from North America or Europe, you will experience the most amazing clear star lit skies you have ever seen anywhere in the world. I did not know this was a phenomenon because to us the locals, it is normal to see all the stars and the milky way galaxy in the sky, because we have no cities that pollute our night sky with too much light.  In fact we use the sky to tell us when the rains are coming – like some sort of calendar. So you can imagine when the locals realized that visitors simply gaze at the sky in awe of all the heavenly bodies that they can see with their naked eyes at night!

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Created with Sketch. Lotuturu, Uganda
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